Bright Red Universe is a recording collective (mostly) based in Los Angeles, based around female vocals and original songs written by Mike Stan, the guitarist and producer of the band. As you might guess Mike Stan is also the only constant member of the band. And he (I) are writing this bio for you to read. Hi!

The original project was a working band that played live for several years and released Chaos Theory. It has now been revived (Wheeeeeee!), as a recording project for now. We plan to begin live shows in late 2019, probably limited to Southern California. Unless you offer us meeeeeeellions.

Certain Illusions / Think Lineup:

Arathi Govind – Vocals

Mike Stan – Guitar

Regina Zernay – Bass

Eugene Toale – Saxophone / Keyboards

Albe Bonacci – Drums (Certain Illusions)

Tim falco – Drums (Think)

Chaos Theory Lineup:

PJ Morrison – Vocals

Mike Stan – Guitar

Derek Frank – Bass

Tony Shibumi  РBass*

Albe Bonacci – Drums

Paul Von Klock – Drums*

*also in the performing band